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Kruger Park

The land of excitement, adventure, safaris, luxury resorts, wonderful wines, magnificent landscapes, a shimmering blue coastline, an indescribable sunset, a premier infrastructure and a people of outstanding hospitality.

The experience of a safari is unique, finding a new scenery every day, closely watching lions, elephants, zebras, giraffes, rhinos, leopards and so many more wildlife in their natural habitats.

Going the pursuit of the big five and the thrill of game drives where the “joke” is we don’t know which animal will appear along the way is an adventure that touches anyone’s soul.

I chose to visit the Kruger Park region which is home to the “Big Five” (Elephants, Lions, Rhinos, Buffalo and Leopards) and a wide variety of other animals and birds that roam freely in their habitat. Natural

And it will surely be where we can hold the best events, as it has the most luxurious and charming romantic hotels, perfect for the “yes” moment with all the excitement and beauty that this country provides.

And prepare to mark the most important moment of your life surrounded by the energy that only nature in its purest state can bring.

For love is pure emotion!

My Selections

  • Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge -

    For decades, Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge has been the flagship of the Sabi Sabi Hotel Chain, famous for its energy, vibe and legendary hospitality.

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  • Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge -

    A sanctuary that symbolizes a new era in the South African concept of luxury safari lodges. Memories made here will last a lifetime.

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  • Sabi Sabi Little Bush Camp -

    Radiating the same warmth and hospitality that characterizes the Bush Lodge, Little Bush Camp offers a unique intimacy with nature and its guests in Africa.

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  • Sabi Sabi Selati Camp -

    One of the most awarded luxury lodges – a unique experience.

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  • Garonga Safari Camp -

    Garonga’s philosophy of harmony is to offer an experience for the soul, a time to reflect and find inspiration from the energy of wild nature.

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  • Lukimbi Safari Lodge -

    There is something different and interesting to look at in every corner of this Lodge. A treat for photographers, both inside the lodge and in the surrounding nature.

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  • Indlovu River Lodge -

    As this Lodge accommodates a maximum of 22 guests in four separate houses, each with its own private pool, exclusivity is guaranteed.

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