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Simone Tostes’s Blog offers Tips, Destinations, Hotels, Restaurants and Tours in amazing places, visited by Simone to plan your Destination Wedding.

So, what is a Domestination Wedding?

Simone, but what is a “ domestination wedding” ? This has been the most frequent question in my e-mail, especially from my fiancés tuned to the gringo publications. So I decided to make a post here on the blog explaining all the details of this modality, which emerged in this pandemic. Like the page of Aonde Casar on Facebook! The destination […]

The future of the post-pandemic destination wedding market

After I finished my tour of the best hotels to get married in Rome , Italy, I was thinking about what to write here. With so many uncertainties in the world, many different subjects crossed my mind. And I came to the conclusion that I needed to help clear the couple’s mind a little . So today I will share […]

Destination wedding in Italy: photoshoot with Bethina Baumgratz

Last week, as I told you here, I finished my tour of the hotels I recommend for destination wedding in Rome , Italy. But before closing my bags and embarking back to Brazil, I went to see the impeccable work of  Bethina Baumgratz , a Brazilian photographer based in Italy, who traveled from Venice to Rome just to meet me . And I can’t […]

Destination wedding in Italy: discover Rome’s urban resort, Villa Agrippina Gran Meliá

My last destination in Rome ! Who followed the whole series? It was almost 4 months talking only about this wonderful city and all the spectacular hotels that I visited and that entered my select list of indications for weddings, mainly for destination wedding in Italy . And to finish off with a flourish, my stop today will be at Villa Agrippina Gran Meliá , also […]

Destination wedding in Italy: the charming Residenza Di Ripetta

We are going to another hotel to get married in Italy. And this one today has a taste of happiness, because Italy won the pandemic and started its reopening this week. You have no idea how much I prayed for them (and I pray for us here too). And seeing that they are gradually, coming back to life fills […]

Destination wedding in Italy: the charms and the excellent location of Hassler Roma

I keep talking about Rome, but now the posts will be different. Until the last, I shared the hotels where I stayed. And today I start posting the properties I visited, I did a site inspection and recommend it for destination wedding in Italy , or better, in Rome! And the first of these is the Hassler Roma, an incredible hotel that unites […]

Destination wedding in Italy: discover the modern hotel A. Roma Lifestyle.

Just 20 minutes from Rome airport is one of the most modern, luxurious and equipped Urban Resorts that I visited in my last season in the Italian city. And that’s the topic of today’s post. Welcome to Hotel A. Roma Lifestyle. The hotel is 30 minutes from the historic center of Rome, but the proximity to the airport makes it a great […]

Destination wedding in Italy: Discover the Hotel Majestic in Rome

Continuing my series of posts about the hotels I visited in Rome , Italy, today I separated all the details of the beautiful and magical Majestic . With neoclassical architecture, the charming and imposing building is a journey through time , in good taste and in the best of Romanesque glamor. Curta a página do Aonde Casar no Facebook! Throughout its 97 rooms (great for those […]

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