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Simone Tostes’s Blog offers Tips, Destinations, Hotels, Restaurants and Tours in amazing places, visited by Simone to plan your Destination Wedding.

11 countries that opened their borders to vaccinated tourists

With the advancement of vaccination , the world begins to reopen its borders for tourism. As I waited for this day. So important is traveling and celebrating. The selection I will share here today came out at the DWP Insider (Destination Wedding Planner Congress, of which I have been part for years and I am proud to be the Brazilian representative) . Remembering that the […]

The 6 most striking brides today

May began, the famous month of brides. I think there is no way to start this month without congratulating all the brides. Living a pandemic is certainly not easy, and nobody expected it. Now, to postpone a dream, that is too painful, because that dream exists, has been cultivated, has been loved … What I have said to […]

6 destinations for Elopement Wedding outside Brazil

I know that many of you are waiting for another post on wedding traditions , and I will keep doing it, I promise! In fact, I would like to thank you for the affection I have received. I love to know that just like me, you also love my articles here on the blog. But today I will have […]

9 Jewish Wedding Traditions

Only I who thought that March would not end? LOL! But we are back and now talking about Jewish marriage. I’ve already shared Greek ,  Indian and Muslim traditions here , and now it’s time to talk about Jewish traditions . In the end, I put some “items” that are part of the Jewish wedding to make this matter even more complete. Hope you like it! Like the page […]

The traditions and customs of a Muslim wedding

I am loving your interaction regarding my wedding tradition posts. Last week, we talked about Indian weddings , and now I wanted to talk about Muslim weddings . Those who accompany me have already seen that I performed an elopement wedding of a Muslim with a Brazilian in Dubai . The Muslim wedding is, in my opinion, one of the most different that I have […]

10 Indian Wedding Traditions

You liked my tips for adding a Greek touch to your wedding in last week’s post, I decided to continue with the theme. I want to take advantage of everything I have learned around the world , at weddings and congresses that I have held in the four corners to share here the coolest traditions that you can […]

Destination wedding in Greece

Today we are going to travel far. The 7th Annual DWP Congress will take place in Rhodes, Greece , and I was thinking that I haven’t yet made a post about destination wedding in Greece . To inspire couples who are looking for the perfect trip as soon as all of this is over, Greece is the destination for sure! Like the page of […]

Guide to a destination wedding in Rome

This week Facebook warned me that it was a year ago that I was in Rome to represent Brazil at BMII – Borsa di Matrimonio in Italy . I almost died of so much nostalgia, and even today it is not a TBT day, I didn’t want to miss the chance to remember this event here on the […]

5 tips for making a micro wedding at home

We are already arriving in the second week of vaccination in Brazil . It still seems like I’m dreaming, and even though I’m taking slow steps and a lot of confusion, I’m optimistic and I want to believe that we are in the final stretch of all this. Soon, we will be able to travel and, of course, have […]

The day I applied to get the Janssen vaccine

At this time of year, I always do a retrospective of last year, but what about a year like the one we had, right? My 2020 came down to two Famtrip trips to Rome in February and Turkey in November, and a beautiful mini wedding in Rio. However, 2021 arrived and I’m really optimistic, really! I didn’t think I would have that strong feeling, but I am and […]

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