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Simone Tostes’s Blog offers Tips, Destinations, Hotels, Restaurants and Tours in amazing places, visited by Simone to plan your Destination Wedding.

Destination wedding in Italy: discover the modern hotel A. Roma Lifestyle.

Just 20 minutes from Rome airport is one of the most modern, luxurious and equipped Urban Resorts that I visited in my last season in the Italian city. And that’s the topic of today’s post. Welcome to Hotel A. Roma Lifestyle. The hotel is 30 minutes from the historic center of Rome, but the proximity to the airport makes it a great […]

Destination wedding in Italy: Discover the Hotel Majestic in Rome

Continuing my series of posts about the hotels I visited in Rome , Italy, today I separated all the details of the beautiful and magical Majestic . With neoclassical architecture, the charming and imposing building is a journey through time , in good taste and in the best of Romanesque glamor. Curta a página do Aonde Casar no Facebook! Throughout its 97 rooms (great for those […]

Hotel de la Ville – Rome

Last week, I shared here on the blog about my trip to Rome to participate in the BMII – Borsa di Matrimonio in Italy . And today, I start to share the hotels that I had the pleasure of staying and visiting in the city. I start with the wonderful Hotel de la Ville, which has one of the most […]

Aonde Casar is invited to the BMII – Borsa di Matrimonio in Italy

I arrived!!! I’m already back in Brazil after two delicious weeks in Italy – it goes without saying that it was delicious, right? rsss! And the reason for this trip was super special. I, Simone Tostes, was invited to another edition of BMII – Borsa di Matrimonio in Italy , which takes place in Rome. I was super happy with the invitation […]

5 Tips for organizing the perfect wedding elopement

Worldwide trend, elopement wedding fell in the liking of literally everyone . There are American, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Brazilian… everyone in search of the perfect wedding elopement . And I wanted to make a post here with tips for organizing this type of wedding for a long time . For those unfamiliar with the term, elopement wedding is ideal for newlyweds who want to celebrate love, but […]

Destination wedding in Italy: visit Villa Il Garofalo in Firenze

Those who follow me here on the blog saw the beautiful post I made of the wedding elopement I organized at Villa Il Garofalo in Firenze, Italy. And although I have already given some details of the property, I thought it deserved a bigger post, with everything you need to know to get married in Italy! Villa Il Garofalo , as […]

Aonde Casar organize elopement wedding at Villa Il Garofalo in Firenze

Today is the day to share another beautiful and exciting wedding elopement that I organized. Lucrezia and Stefano, who are Italians, have always wanted a marriage between them and Italy. However, they wanted to escape the already beaten scenes and also a place where they could spend their wedding night. It was then that I suggested the wonderful […]

Famtour across Portugal with indian wedding planners

Last week, I made a huge post here on the famtour website that I organized for Turkey’s International Mice and Wedding Forum (IMWF) managers and my international friends and partners (there’s everything on this link ). And today is the time to share the second part of the trip, here with another group, the most expressive wedding planners from India. But why India , Simone? Because it […]

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