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Obidos and Bussaco

For those looking for a Portuguese wedding experience, but not content with Lisbon, there are two tempting options, full of preserved history near the capital: Obidos and Bussaco. The first is one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal, all walled, refuge of kings and queens in other times. The second, much larger, with 105 hectares of forest, was chosen by barefoot Carmelites to build a convent. What will be your choice?

My Selections

  • Castle of Óbidos -

    One of the seven wonders of Portugal, the Medieval Castle of Vila de Óbidos has been a guesthouse since 1951, but began its history in the 12th century and can have its personalized wedding party facilities to suit the grooms. Ceremonies are held in indoor halls or in beautiful gardens overlooking the walled city, always […]

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  • Bussaco Palace -

    Palace Hotel Bussaco provides experience of getting married in a royal castle within a forest.

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