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Aonde Casar

Couples these days are increasingly more often willing to leave aside the traditional ceremonies and celebrate their wedding in different ways. For the “I do!” moment, is also possible to dream in reuniting relatives and friends in hotels and luxurious castles, paradisiac beaches, charming mountains or stunning gardens in several places around the world.

Making that experience possible and easy is our objective, therefore we created the Aonde Casar (where to go marry). We offer a truly unique and complete "Destination Wedding" service for your wedding or renewal of vows, which begins on the criterious choice of location, to match the style of the couple, goes to the planning, touristic script, accompanying the families and guests, and ends with the realization of the ever-so-dreamed ceremony.


The crew of Aonde Casar has visited several destinations around the globe and selected the very best locations for the realization of unique wedding ceremonies.

What We Do

“No bride forgets her wedding. With Aonde Casar, no guest will forget yours.”


We give valuable information and guide the grooms, so that they will make the right choices to perfectly translate their dreams.


From the choice of the place to the makeup on the brides, we think ahead and plan every step of the wedding.


We establish partnership and hire all the needed services for the completion of the trip and the event. The only of the grooms is with the crew of Aonde Casar.


We execute and monitor every step of the grooms and guests so that everything goes according to the plan.


Qualified and trustworthy professionals work in multidisciplinary teams in order to make the whole experience flawless.

Simone Tostes

With a vast experience in organizing big parties and corporative events, Simone Tostes started to be called to do weddings, which then became her passion.

Today, she is a reference on Wedding Planners, and guarantees that her differential is to offer a complete assistance. Happy with the success of her labor, she decided to seek new horizons and challenges, and traveled the world searching for special places with high standard services to better attend to the crescent market of “Destination Wedding”.

At Aonde Casar (where to go marry), she presents her favorite locations and offers custom ceremony planning services (weddings and renewal of vows) to the grooms, their relatives and guests.


Simone Tostes, the director of Aonde Casar has over 15 years of experience, conducting unforgettable weddings and large scaled events.


Check out some of the events that we performed.

Custom Made

The trip and ceremony prepared for each couple is unique, prepared from the couple’s dreams, identity and style.


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