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Fernando de Noronha


Paradise exists, is in the Northeast of Brazil and has a first and a last name: Fernando de Noronha.

With year-round sunshine, Fernando de Noronha archipelago boasts the title of Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The status is not to be taken in vain; the place is a paradise for divers, a marine life sanctuary and gathers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which are divided between the inside sea (waters facing the Brazilian continent) and the outside sea (facing the Atlantic Ocean).

The combination of golden sands, crystal clear waters in turquoise blue and emerald green shades, corals, splendid marine life, forest and rock formations, create the opportunity for the balanced encounter of man and nature in one of the most important ecological sanctuaries in the world, enchanting people from all over.

A hand-drawn paradise. If you are going to be happy let it be in Noronha!


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