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Aonde Casar organizes wedding in Fernando de Noronha

Today is the day to share the last wedding I organized, and what a wedding . A unique joy to celebrate the union of this couple. Renata is Brazilian, and Kevin, American. The two met, fell in love madly and decided to celebrate this love at a destination wedding in Fernando de Noronha.

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I love Noronha and I think that the most beautiful and heavenly place here in Brazil, does not exist (my beloved and idolized Rio de Janeiro who does not listen to me lol!) One of the places I like the most is Bar do Meio , which are super partners of mine And agree with everything I ask. Besides being beautiful and overlooking Morro do Pico, the space is more than used to weddings , which makes it much easier. With good advice to follow, the event is guaranteed success! Next week, I want to share with you “Everything you need to know to get married in Fernando de Noronha” . Will not miss, accompany me!

The wedding took place with the sunset as a backdrop , and the sky was wonderful, as it is for much of the year in Noronha. And the pictures? I don’t even know where to start posting. One of the things that I find most important of all is hiring good photographers who can further highlight the beauty of the scenery. And for this wedding, my suggestion, very accepted by the bride, was dear Marina Fava, from Rio de Janeiro. Marina is accustomed to stunning scenery and photographing outdoor weddings. I think this is very important, and a differential of it.

To match the scenery, Renata wanted groomsmen in khaki pants and white shirt, and bridesmaids in pastel colors . It was such a light and beautiful palette that it made me look good. And if the scenery was already beautiful, you can’t imagine what the groom’s vows were – to tear tears. I share here an excerpt from the beautiful words he spoke:

“What I love about you is your beautiful smile, infinite kindness and some kind of indescribable good energy that is hard to express in words (but I think everyone who has ever met you understands). As we grow away from each other, I feel like I’ve known you all my life. You made me a better person than I was. And most importantly, you make me want to be better. So, I promise to keep improving. I promise to be faithful, true, open and honest with you, regardless of the circumstances. I want this feeling of being just one with you. God, our witnesses here today, and the rest of the universe. I want this feeling from someone I know you feel. I want it to last forever, in this life and the next. I love you.”

So who was thrilled too? I hope you enjoyed the wedding today, and that you, who always dreamed of getting married in Fernando de Noronha, write me, because it is super possible and I will love to realize your dream.

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Planning and Advice: Where to Get Married Photos: Marina Fava and Wallace Nogueira | Decoration: Eider Santos | Location: Bar do Meio | DJ: Artur Korossy | Celebrant: Celtic Wedding | Makeup: Edd Camara | Cake and Sweets: Marly and Lucinha Cascão

Imagem Selo Aonde Casar

We will be delighted to realize the wedding you have always dreamed of.