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2 amazing hotels for destination weddings in Las Vegas

If Italy dominated the most talked about topics last month, in the last two weeks, there is no talk of any destination other than Las Vegas . The reason? It was there that the muse couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck said “yes” , in an intimate and super special ceremony. And since I LOVE Las Vegas for weddings, I’m going to dedicate […]

6 top destination weddings no Rio de Janeiro

Hi ladies, how are you? After the success of Paula and Rodrigo’s wedding, which I posted here last week, many couples wrote to me asking more about destination weddings in Rio de Janeiro.   I’ve talked several times here on the blog about weddings here in Rio, but I thought it was worth another article, with a summary. Minha Cidade […]

The beautiful wedding in Rio de Janeiro by Paula and Rodrigo organized by Aonde Casar

I was anxious for the official photos of Rachel Escobar to arrive. Very happy to share my first wedding after so long away from the parties . What a delight to get back to work with everything and with such a sweet couple. Paula and Rodrigo became great friends and it was a great pleasure to orchestrate their beautiful celebration at Casa do […]

Destination wedding in Italy by Lala Rudge and Bruno Khouri

Hi guys all right? Who can guess the topic of today’s post? kkkk… Or rather, who doesn’t guess, right? Was there anything else this week other than Lala Rudge ‘s baphonic destination wedding in Italy ? I mean Lala Rudge Khouri now that she’s married Bruno Khouri. I’m still pissed off about this marriage. It moves the whole world – and it’s no understatement, because […]

See which destination best suits your wedding

Hi guys all right? I have received so many requests for a budget and guidance on which destination best suits each couple’s wedding, that I decided to bring this subject to the blog. Does it have a destination that best suits each groom? I would say that the schedule, the time of year and even the group that […]

Destination wedding in Mendoza, Argentina

Hi guys all right? Our theme today is destination wedding in Mendoza , Argentina. Those who have followed me for a long time know that I love weddings in wineries. Here on the blog, I’ve written about French, Italian, Chilean and even Brazilian wineries. Take a look at the search, you’ll see them all! And why did I choose Mendoza for today’s post? I […]

How much does it cost to get married in Portugal? The values ​​of 2022!

Hi guys all right? Loving to receive your messages about values ​​for weddings in Italy . And as you asked me in the question box that opens on Instagram (if you still don’t follow me, click here @aondecasar ), today I’m going to talk about how much it costs to get married in Portugal , one of my favorite destinations and that I’ve […]

Earn 2,000 euros in cashback to get married in Italy

Hi guys all right? What a success you made last week’s post. I was happy with all the responses I received, especially the messages saying that they thought a destination wedding in Italy was much more expensive . Believe me, it is very possible to get married in Europe, even with the unfavorable exchange rate at the moment. And since we […]

How much does it cost to get married in Italy? The values ​​of 2022!

The million dollar question ! kkkk… Out of a million I don’t know, but I’m certainly the one I receive the most on Instagram, by email… But today I decided to take this doubt from you. And I’m comfortable talking about numbers, since I know the quality and experience that are involved in a destination wedding , even more so in Italy , […]

5 Brazilian destinations for destination wedding in the countryside

Last week, I gathered here on the blog 5 incredible destinations in our Brazil for beach weddings . But it’s not just the beach that Brazilians’ weddings live on. Although the beach is still the darling of most couples, the countryside, especially the century-old farms, has been gaining more and more the hearts of lovebirds. And as you asked me, […]

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