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Karen and Henrique’s beautiful and exciting mini wedding in Rio de Janeiro

Today’s post carries an endless emotion for me. In such difficult and uncertain times, being able to celebrate love is the certainty that everything will pass, that everything will be fine and that it is stronger than everything and everyone. And the love I’m talking about is that of dear Karen and Henrique, who got married last week in […]

Destination wedding in Italy: visit Villa Il Garofalo in Firenze

Those who follow me here on the blog saw the beautiful post I made of the wedding elopement I organized at Villa Il Garofalo in Firenze, Italy. And although I have already given some details of the property, I thought it deserved a bigger post, with everything you need to know to get married in Italy! Villa Il Garofalo , as […]

Aonde Casar organize elopement wedding at Villa Il Garofalo in Firenze

Today is the day to share another beautiful and exciting wedding elopement that I organized. Lucrezia and Stefano, who are Italians, have always wanted a marriage between them and Italy. However, they wanted to escape the already beaten scenes and also a place where they could spend their wedding night. It was then that I suggested the wonderful […]

Aonde Casar organizes wedding in Fernando de Noronha

Today is the day to share the last wedding I organized, and what a wedding . A unique joy to celebrate the union of this couple. Renata is Brazilian, and Kevin, American. The two met, fell in love madly and decided to celebrate this love at a destination wedding in Fernando de Noronha. Like Aonde […]

Christina Mourad’s marriage to Elie Saab Jr. in Lebanon

Last weekend, Lebanon stopped the multimillionaire wedding of Elie Saab Jr., yes the son of the world’s leading Lebanese bridal stylist, with Christina Mourad . There were three days of celebration, which ended at sunrise, at the home of the Saab family patriarch. And you might be wondering why I’m posting this wedding here, right? […]

Elopement Wedding in Algarve, Portugal, organized by Aonde Casar

From Firenze, where I performed a beautiful wedding elopement at the Villa La Massa hotel , to land in Algarve, Portugal for another celebration . This time, Italy’s inland climate has given way to the wonderful view of the Algarve, specifically the top, top, top Tivoli Carvoeiro hotel , which is located in Vila do […]

Aonde Casar organizes elopement wedding in Santorini, Greece

From the French Riviera, she landed in Santorini, Greece, for Suzanne and Pedro’s elopement wedding – a very special couple, which I think was also special. Look how cute the bride’s statement: “I researched the best and most experienced wedding planner for destination wedding, and found the pioneer in this type of wedding in Brazil, […]

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