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10 tips for planning a fairy-tale destination wedding in a faraway paradise

Hi guys all right? Today I prepared a list answering the 10 questions you most ask me on Instagram, here on the blog and at the meetings I have with my brides. I gathered 10 tips for planning a fairy-tale destination wedding in a faraway paradise. Planning a destination wedding in a faraway paradise can be an enchanting dream. Here are some tried and true tips for couples:

1. Choose your destination carefully:

Do a lot of research and trust your wedding planner lol! In my case, I always indicate places that I have already visited, that have already gone through my professional check-list… As I know that choosing the wrong destination is fatal for a destination wedding , I am very detailed and careful. Believe me, there are places and places. Everyone can be beautiful, but not everyone is perfect for your style. Generally speaking, select a location that offers the beauty and amenities you desire. Make sure the destination is accessible for your guests as well.

2. Hire an expert:

Hire a destination  wedding planner . Without trying to get sidetracked, the destination  wedding planner is essential for your big day to be, in fact, a great day. They know the area well and can help you organize all the details, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

3. Send save-the-dates in advance:

Very important! Communicate the wedding date and location well in advance, I suggest six months to a year, so guests have enough time to plan their trip. Mainly, if your destination wedding is far from home or a destination that has a high cost to reach. Remember that many of your guests will need to request holidays from work, organize personal and professional events…

4. Organize activities for guests:

Another point that I consider essential. Your guests will travel hours and hours and have expenses to be with you at the wedding. Plan some special activities for guests during their stay, such as sightseeing, dinners or pre-wedding events, to make the experience even more memorable. I always like to offer a welcome drink and, if possible, a farewell lunch or brunch.

5. Respect the local culture:

Familiarize yourself with the traditions and customs of your chosen destination to ensure you and your guests are respectful and sensitive to local practices. What I always say to my fiancés: does it make sense for you to get married in Italy and simply take everything cultural from your country, ignoring local customs? If that’s your wish, isn’t it better for you to get married in your country? Traveling is having experiences, and culture is experience. Take advantage of your trip to create the best experiences and memories for your guests and family.

6. Have a plan B for the weather:

Be prepared for any unexpected weather changes. If the wedding is planned outdoors, have an alternate location available in case of rain or other adverse conditions. Other than that, study the best months in your chosen destination. European summer is great, but it’s really hot too. This year, for example, some capitals hit more than 40 degrees.

7. Simplify planning:

Given the distance and logistics involved, consider keeping things simple and not overwhelming yourself with too many complex details. The famous less is more. Don’t forget that the mood of  the destination wedding is to live the experience of getting married somewhere else. So, take advantage of this and leave details that you would have at a party in your city behind. Being with those who love you is the most important thing in a wedding away from home.

8. Document the marriage:

Hire a professional photographer and/or videographer to capture the special moments of your wedding and travel. And I say more: be clear about what you want registered. Don’t forget that cultures are different. Sometimes registration in your country may be different than in your chosen destination. Do you want pictures with all the godparents? Do you want pictures of every detail of your decor? Do you want a drone video? Know what you want so you know what to ask for.

9. Find out about the legality of the marriage:

Normally, when we organize a destination wedding , we organize a ceremony that can be symbolic or religious. However, if you insist on legal documentation, check the necessary requirements to officiate the wedding in the chosen destination, to ensure that everything is officially recognized.

10. Seize the moment:

Remember that, despite the challenges, a destination wedding in a faraway paradise is an amazing and unique experience. Enjoy every moment and create lasting memories.

With careful planning and a love of detail, your fairytale wedding will be a truly magical occasion!

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