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Destination Wedding: Ponta dos Ganchos in Santa Catarina offers natural beauty with international service

Wedding held at Ponta dos Ganchos

I liked so much, but so much of what I found in the south of the country, that I didn’t even want to wait to return to Rio de Janeiro to share with you. My week was – and is being – more than blessed in the city of Governador Celso Ramos – 40 km from Florianópolis – where is the wonderful Ponta dos Ganchos .

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With that fishing village feel, the resort is a private peninsula surrounded by the lush sea of ​​the Emerald Coast that guarantees total privacy of 25 sophisticated and charming bungalows, overlooking the dazzling spectacle of the various shades of green offered by the encounter of the sea with the woods. Atlantic Of course, the The Leading Hotels of the World seal could not be left out. Our partners attest to the comfort level of the facilities, the commitment to quality and the high standard of services.

Aerial view of hotel and famous wedding walkway
  The master suite! The room, with lots of wood, is extremely cozy; And the view from this bathroom? Does anyone explain me?

For the couple who dream of a wedding in the sand , know that Ponta dos Ganchos is more than prepared. The hotel has two package options: Wedding Privée – small sunset ceremony next to the gazebo ready for reception. In this package is offered: 02 massages; hairdresser and manicure; island wedding ceremony; island decoration; champagne Veuve Clicquot until the celebration of the ceremony; photographer; dinner on the island; special decoration in the room; wedding gift; breakfast at the bungalow the next morning. The other option is the Traditional Wedding – in Ponta dos Ganchos it is possible to hold a private party for up to 140 people, enjoying a sophisticated special menu, cakes, sweets, decoration, DJ, musicians, photographers and everything you want.

Olha que graça os funcionários todos prontos para o melhor serviço da região!
Look how funny the staff are all ready for the best service in the area!
The Ponta dos Ganchos dishes are praying! In addition to delicious, they are super capricious with the presentation
O serviço exclusivo para os noivos...
The exclusive service for newlyweds…
... que não para só na comida
… That doesn’t stop at food only

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And of course, the worry about destination wedding programming cannot be left out. Ponta dos Ganchos offers a fitness room, cinema, business center, restaurant, bar, lounge, games room, tennis court, thermal pool, massage tents, spa and nature trails. In the vicinity of the resort is the best place for diving in southern Brazil, Arvoredo Island, as well as excellent places for boat trips, such as Anhatomirim Island and Dolphin Bay.

The far outdoors.
A paz é inexplicável...
Peace is inexplicable…
E se cansou, pode relaxar, o cuidado é 100%!
And if tired, you can relax, care is 100%!


Take a look at the video of a wedding that happened there, I cried horrors with Joseane and Guto!

So, what did you think?

I don’t want to leave at all! Ahh, we missed talking about a wonderful tip.

The restaurant Ostradamus in the parish of Ribeirão da Ilha, south of Florianópolis Island – about an hour from Ponta dos Ganchos and 30 minutes from the airport – is a perfect and perfect tip for those who want to eat one, or rather, several oysters of the gods. Considered in 2014 by Veja as the best seafood restaurant in Brazil.

Unmissable! Worth every minute over there!

A great and short week for all of you!

Kisses, Simone.

No topo, o restô visto de fora; ao centro, o chef e dono XXX; e abaixo, o almoço e um clique da garçonete querida que nos atendeu!
At the top, the rest seen from the outside; in the center, the chef and owner Jaime José de Barcelos; and below, lunch and a click with the dear waitress who attended us!

Follow my complete visit to PONTA DOS GANCHOS and other wedding destinations from Brazil and around the world here!

* Due to local topography and keeping calm and tranquility, children under 18 years old are not accepted.

Imagem Selo Aonde Casar

We will be delighted to realize the wedding you have always dreamed of.