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Destination wedding in Greece

Today we are going to travel far. The 7th Annual DWP Congress will take place in Rhodes, Greece , and I was thinking that I haven’t yet made a post about destination wedding in Greece . To inspire couples who are looking for the perfect trip as soon as all of this is over, Greece is the destination for sure!

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Whether to get married in trendy Mykonos, in bustling Santorini or in Oia, a town in the north-west of Santorini and famous for its white houses with blue ceilings and from where you have an incredible sunset. In fact, Greece as a whole has a magnificent sunset. I guarantee, your biggest difficulty in getting married in Greece is choosing the photos from the album. Everyone will be beautiful.

I already did an elopement wedding in Santorini , I believe you have already seen it here on the blog, and I believe that this format is one of the best choices for Brazilian grooms. Of course, gathering a group of friends and family is great, even the Greek beach clubs are incredible for all parties, but the vast majority of the newlyweds end up opting for the elopement . Usually for the distance and time you stay.

Another important point: Greek hospitality . It is indisputable and is among the darlings of many tourists, the attention, dedication and joy with whom you are received by the Greeks is magical. And it is not forced (it could be, after all it is a tourist paradise, they live on foreigners). They don’t know how to please you anymore . And as the Greeks are famous for incredible parties, know that there all your dreams come true. Ah, but be careful: do not go out inviting all the friendly Greeks you meet to your wedding. First, because if you are invited for education, know that they will surely go. And second, because in Greece no one person is invited, an entire family is invited. Who doesn’t remember the movie Greek Wedding? LOL!


Greek wedding

For couples who want to add a Greek touch to their wedding, here are some traditions that can help you. Greek weddings are very similar to ours. The ceremonies are held in the church and then the parties take place at the residence of some Greek. What changes at the ceremony is: the bride and groom carry candles and change the wedding ring from the left hand to the right (the opposite of us Brazilians). Another detail: the bride and groom wear a crown , called Stefana, made with a fine ring adorned with flowers, or pearls delicately applied with ribbon tied between the two crowns, which symbolize the couple’s union. Crowns are exchanged between the couple three times during the ceremony.

Another curious tradition is almonds. The single women earn almonds in odd numbers before the ceremony, representing happiness, fertility, longevity, wealth and health. And the other guests can win, for example, Greek eyes.

The most famous of all: the breaking of the dishes . I believe that all of you already know, right? According to some theories, the noise removed evil spirits, and some say that it means proof of detachment from material goods.

So, what did you think?

Shall we embark together for an incredible destination wedding in Greece?

Write me, I have all the ways and tips for you to have a dream wedding.

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We will be delighted to realize the wedding you have always dreamed of.