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6 destinations for Elopement Wedding outside Brazil

I know that many of you are waiting for another post on wedding traditions , and I will keep doing it, I promise! In fact, I would like to thank you for the affection I have received. I love to know that just like me, you also love my articles here on the blog.

But today I will have to disappoint you, as we will not have matters of traditions. It’s for a good reason, I swear! And you can rest assured, soon there will be more. With the increase in vaccination, I have received many requests for an elopement wedding budget outside of Brazil . And as he is the darling of the moment, I decided to gather here the top 6 places I recommend and the most sought after. So, if you are also thinking about traveling to get married, better speed up with the preparations. Call me and I’ll help you, okay?

1) Tuscany, Italy

If there is one thing that the Coronavirus pandemic did not affect, and I am grateful, it is the love of Brazilians for Tuscany, in Italy . Nor would there be, right? You who have accompanied me have seen me on several trips and weddings in Tuscany. If you access the Tuscany category here on the blog you will see all the parties that I organized, the hotels that I recommend and the FAM trips that I participated.

With one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, Tuscany is pure magic . And when it comes to marriage, one of the most complete regions (both infrastructure and scenarios). It is in Florence, the main and most developed tourist center in Tuscany, that the team I trained and with whom I perform all weddings is. My Italian team is a show!

Many grooms who asked me for a budget, asked me for the best time, after all with so many markings, the dates are disputed. And the truth is that Tuscany is good to go all year! Of course, summer is the best of all worlds, mainly because it has 11 hours of sunshine a day, too, right? But I really like the very late spring and early autumn, where cities are more empty and winter has not come yet.

2) Algarve, Portugal

Portugal as a whole is perfect for elopement wedding . And for us Brazilians it is even better. The language is similar and so are many customs . And for the bride and groom who are going to extend their honeymoon in the country, Portugal has scenarios for all tastes, from the mountains to the beaches. And speaking of the beach, my favorite destination for elopement is Algarve.

Like all European coastlines, the Algarve is hotly contested in the summer. And super worth it for weddings! Algarve is the face of Brazilians. Beach, sun, breathtaking landscapes and excellent options for hotels and services . And that has a reason: Algarve is, long before Portugal became a point, the right stop for a very demanding public in countries like Germany and England. So, know that the service there is impeccable.

Here, some photos and a video of the elopement wedding that I organized at the Tivoli Carvoeiro hotel:

3) Santorini, Greece

Santorini is by far the most requested place in Greece. Despite having a very good infrastructure for weddings, my guess for the passion of the bride and groom for the destination are the white houses, the blue sea, the chic stripped-down climate …. kkkkk… There is no way not to be enchanted, let alone have ugly pictures of your weddings. For the bride and groom who want that cheese-making album, Santorini is their destination! This wedding down here that I organized, from Suzanne and Pedro, gives me goosebumps to this day!

Oh, and not to mention that the honeymoon in Greek cities is incredible and worth putting on the itinerary. It is a destination that always deserves to be visited and revisited. If it can be at every wedding, even better.

4) Maldives Islands

Located near the southwest coast of India and surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian Sea, the Maldives archipelago (more than 1000 islands) is something out of reality . No wonder it is the favorite destination for honeymooners. It is a place that I always recommend to the bride and groom who want tranquility, good services (excellent in this case, after all the people of the Maldives were very influenced by the punctuality and first-rate services of the British), a sight blessed by God and the relaxation of the feet in the sand .

For adventurers, the destination is also an incredible choice. If all that beauty was not enough, the Maldives still has the best visibility for diving in the world (no exaggeration, it is the purest truth!) Turtles, rays and rare and super colorful fish are so easy to find as Shitzu chicks here in Brazil. An elopement with beautiful views and a honeymoon with the best activities and services!

5) Paris, France

The city of light will always be a special place to celebrate love. But there are other advantages that not all couples know, and that are worth reinforcing! P aris has an increasingly effervescent wedding market with professionals focused on Brazilian weddings . I myself work with a very nice group in the city, which increasingly understands our customs and traditions and who are willing to do anything to make the bride and groom’s dream come true.

For those who are still afraid to hire a local service, I need to tell you another good piece of information: many Brazilian professionals, such as photographers and decorators, have moved to Paris to meet the wedding demand of us Brazilian wedding planners . That is, an increasing certainty that Paris is a great destination for the union.

Thinking about elopement wedding , you can reserve a week of beautiful places for the photos in the album, which will still be a little. LOL! Paris looks like a painting , every corner is beautiful, every view is stunning. My sugestion? Be sure to make a few clicks on the rooftop of a building, with the tower in the background.


6) Cancún and Bahamas, Caribbean

Even though it is an elopement wedding , where only the couple will be there, Cancún remains my tip for the most partying grooms . The crystal clear waters need no introduction, as well as the services, which are impeccable and full of good opportunities. As it is a darling destination for weddings, I suggest the elopement wedding there for the bride and groom who want to personalize the moment well with a beautiful decoration, creating an even more perfect setting, since the professionals there top everything. It is very cool!

I like the Bahamas a lot too, and Brazilians are increasingly enchanted by the destination. Being close to Miami, many Americans have the Bahamas as a vacation pit stop, which makes resorts increasingly premium . Therefore, the bride and groom who want to spend their honeymoon at their destination, know that they will be with one of the best services in the Caribbean.

My first wedding in Cancún was rescheduled, but we will soon be on our way to the destination:

So, what did you think? Let’s schedule your unforgettable trip?

Kisses and until next time,


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We will be delighted to realize the wedding you have always dreamed of.