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5 tips for making a micro wedding at home

We are already arriving in the second week of vaccination in Brazil . It still seems like I’m dreaming, and even though I’m taking slow steps and a lot of confusion, I’m optimistic and I want to believe that we are in the final stretch of all this. Soon, we will be able to travel and, of course, have our dream destination wedding .

However, until that day arrives, I wanted to take this post to share some ideas  for the couple who want to have a little celebration at home right now. I have helped many of my fiancés to make this wait more pleasant and light. And make an engagement lunch, a micro wedding for the civilian … all of this makes sense and marks another moment of your wedding.

The first thing I suggest is not to miss your advisor . I, for example, not only help my grooms with suppliers and choose each item of this first festive day, but also coordinate the assembly, if necessary. The idea is that the bride and groom leave the house, the buffet and decoration staff come in, do everything and leave. Only then do family members return and run the party.

Thinking about it, here are some ideas:

1 – the first one is not to forget the climate, and the Italians are the ones who teach us how to celebrate with a pleasant home atmosphere. Tuscan parties are beautiful and inspiring.

2 – as it is a small event, take care of the details, which usually have a higher cost, but which fits in a celebration of few participants.

3 – With Covid’s situation, we have two options for the meal: plated, which in this case you will need the help of buffet staff, or served on a sideboard, away from everyone. As it is a celebration that will only be your family members, I suggest the second option. Of course, this buffet will leave everything ready and assembled.

4 – Use decoration to your advantage! Drinks, for example, can be part of the table decoration. This facilitates the service and eliminates the need for an additional professional.

5 – Bring your dear friends who will not be able to be present through the decoration. Look what a beautiful idea:

So, what did you think? I hope you enjoyed!

Kisses and until next time,


Imagem Selo Aonde Casar

We will be delighted to realize the wedding you have always dreamed of.