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 Where get to Married Talks About Destination Wedding in Gol Magazine




I made a point of taking a quick break from my trip to Mexico, where I attend a major tourism event and, of course, possible destination wedding venues, to share with you a very special report. Who recently flew from Gol probably already knows what I’m going to talk about in today’s post. It’s about the beautiful, hyper-enlightening story journalist Julia Furrer did with me and a starring team of destination wedding professionals and curators for the March Gol Magazine .

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What I liked best, besides my photo that was beautiful (lol!), Was to demystify the fear that many grooms have to have a wedding outside their hometowns – especially when it comes to beach celebrations. As well put by dear Constance Zahn , of which I am a partner today, many destinations offer a range of high level professionals ready to perform all kinds of ceremonies.

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That is, the fear that the buffet will not arrive on time, or that the cake will melt during the trip, or even that it will cost a fortune to bring a beauty team to a paradise town, is over. The truth is that choosing places well prepared and used to receiving weddings , such as Buzios, Trancoso and Ilha Bela , your destination wedding will be impeccable, first-rate and unforgettable for the guests. I myself work with serious professionals here in Brazil and abroad. And here is worth that alert again to choose well your advice , after all, it is she who will know to indicate the best of each destination!

I was very happy with the result, I believe that this article, which is flying the four corners of the world aboard Gol aircraft, will greatly change the minds of some grooms regarding destination wedding. I hope you enjoy reading, which I will leave in full here below or this link .

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