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My renewal of vows celebrating 20 years of marriage with Renato

Hi guys all right? All the posts I’ve made here for over 10 years are special, but today’s post I think is even more so for me. The reason? I want to share with you my vow renewal with my husband Renato! Renewing our vows was more than a celebration; It was a public affirmation of our love, a declaration that, even after two decades together, our commitment remains strong and our love only grows.

Meeting Renato twenty years ago was one of those moments that changed your life forever, a meeting that seemed destined to happen. Our story began through a mutual friend, amid the charms of Rio de Janeiro . And since then, we have built not just a relationship, but a beautiful family, with three wonderful children, fruits of previous relationships, who witness and enrich our journey.

Despite our union for two decades, we never had the opportunity for a formal celebration. But recently, we decided it was time to rectify that, and what better place than the stunning IL Borro Hotel , in the picturesque region of Tuscany, to renew our vows in front of the stunning scenery that only Italy could provide us?

Naturally, I took the lead in working out the details . And with the help of our incredible team of local professionals, many of whom are long-time collaborators, everything has been planned to reflect not only the simple, elegant beauty of Tuscany, but also the essence of our love. The decor captured the authenticity and charm of the region , while the dinner prepared by the hotel’s talented chef was a dining experience we will never forget. And to make the night even more special, we were treated to the enchanting music of a singer who shone on “The Voice – Brazil”, the beloved Stanya Cavalcante , accompanied by a violinist and a guitarist, whose melodies echoed across the Tuscan landscape and in our hearts.

Looking back, that day was more than a celebration; It was a dream come true , a moment in which time seemed to stop to allow us to savor every moment of happiness and gratitude. And thanks to the talented photographers Rayana and Sam Sacramento , these moments are now immortalized in beautiful images that will be treasures in our lives.

Today, as we look back on that memorable day, we are filled with deep gratitude for everyone who shared that moment with us, for every laugh shared, every tear of joy shed. And as I look into Renato’s eyes, I see not only my husband, but my life partner, my most loyal friend and my eternal love. May these renewed vows serve as a constant reminder that, together, we can face any challenge and overcome any obstacle, as long as we hold hands, with mutual love and understanding.

Let twenty more years come, and twenty more after them, because I know that, with Renato by my side, each day will be a new adventure, each moment a blessing to be celebrated . Thank you, IL Borro Hotel, for providing us with such a spectacular setting to renew our vows of eternal love. May this journey continue to be as beautiful and inspiring as the Tuscan landscapes that have witnessed our renewed commitment.

So, what did you think? Look, writing this post was one of the most exciting for me!

See you next week,



Photography: Rayana Sacramento and Sam Sacramento | Video: Creative Arts | Decoration: The Elisabeth Agency | Flowers: Shynning Flowers Italy | Singer: Stanya Cavalcante | Violin: Valentim Violin | Guitar: Wedding Music | Space: IL Borro | Makeup: Beauty On Fleek & Ruslana Konstantinova | Celebrant: Carla Goes | Dress: Karina Nigri | Shoes: Luiza Barcelos | Jewelry: personal collection

Imagem Selo Aonde Casar

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