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5 top beach destinations for a perfect wedding elopement

I talk about it and have performed elopement wedding for years. Here on the blog there are several and several beautiful examples that I have done around the world. In fact, I miss traveling and organizing a kkk wedding …. You too? And now, with all this pandemic issue, the modality, which is nothing more than a wedding with just the bride and groom, a celebrant and a photographer (but also with the organization of the ceremony made by the wedding planner, the choice of the place where it will be after the couple’s ceremony, the decoration of the ceremony, the couple’s dinner, the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s lapel, the makeup artist and hairdresser for the bride), gained even more strength and became an absolute trend in the whole world.

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To kill my holidays, and help the brides who are writing to me asking for elopement wedding tips , I decided to do this post. In it, I gather some of my favorite beach destinations for elopement wedding . Of course it doesn’t mean that they are the only ones I recommend, okay? But they are the ones I attend and travel with the most purpose.


Brazil has many beautiful places to say “yes”. Trancoso is a delight, Búzios, Cabo Frio and Angra dos Reis are awesome, but for me, a unique place with a unique view for an elopement wedding is Fernando de Noronha. The archipelago is truly magical, and any of the views are simply stunning. If the idea is really a ceremony for two, without anyone else, Noronha will be unforgettable.

Elopement Wedding in Fernando de Noronha


One of the most paradisiacal destinations in the world, Greece, especially Santorini, could not be left out of my selection. The white houses, the blue sea, the chic stripped-down climate…. Everything will surely make the trip unforgettable for the couple. And the honeymoon in the Greek cities is incredible and worth putting on the itinerary.

Elopement wedding in Santorini

CANCÚN (Mexico)

Cancún is my tip for the most partying grooms. The crystal clear waters need no introduction, as well as the services, which are impeccable and full of good opportunities. As it is a darling destination for weddings, I suggest elopement wedding there for newlyweds who want to personalize the moment well.

Decorating an Elopement Wedding in Cancún

ALGARVE (Portugal)

You who accompany me certainly know that I am crazy about Portugal. And the Algarve is one of my favorite wedding destinations. The hotel is impeccable and just steps from the beach. The wonderful rocks and the Portuguese expertise are unforgettable. I’m sure that if you and your fiance want an incredible trip, and that you can continue by car through the rest of Western Europe, this is a great destination.


Close to us and a darling of Brazilian grooms who want to get married abroad, but not far away. Punta Del Este is right next door, has great infrastructure and one of the most charming sunsets on our continent. I highly recommend a ceremony in the late afternoon, with the golden light and then a wonderful dinner at one of the top hotels in the region.

Divine sunset in Punta del Este

So, what did you think? Are they willing to board with me for any of them? I have elopement wedding experience in everyone!

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