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Christina Mourad’s marriage to Elie Saab Jr. in Lebanon

Last weekend, Lebanon stopped the multimillionaire wedding of Elie Saab Jr., yes the son of the world’s leading Lebanese bridal stylist, with Christina Mourad . There were three days of celebration, which ended at sunrise, at the home of the Saab family patriarch. And you might be wondering why I’m posting this wedding here, right? The truth is that my life of travel, congress, getting to know more about culture and the perfect places to have weddings, I know a lot of people, and I make a lot of friends. And to see their success, is to see mine too! And the one responsible for this mega wedding is my great and wonderful friend Ziad Raphael Nassar.

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I met Ziad a few years ago, if I’m not mistaken at the Florence edition of the Destination Wedding Planners Congress ( DWP ), and last year we were Boarder Member together at the Los Cabos edition of the congress. That is, just reasons to celebrate his success, which has been coming for a long time! I’m soooo fan of his work!

Ziad, me and my dear Pakistani friend Frieha at ICWF in Istanbul Turkey.
DWP Border Members in Los Cabos

Now let’s go to the wedding, which was one of those stopping the world! Talking to Ziad, he told me a lot of great details. I will divide this post into two moments: one is the story of the couple, and then a little interview with Ziad, who has all the details of the three days.

Elie and Chirstina met and in just three months knew it was for her, so much so that the groom did not want to wait any longer and has already proposed to her. I also read that for him they would be married the month after the request, but that she put a brake on him, after all, her father would not even be able to make the wedding dress in this short time. The preparations lasted over a year, and it was worth it!

And speaking of the dress, or the dresses, Elie Saab and her team spent more than 450 hours embroidering, 150 hours creating the drapes and volumes, 80 hours designing, 200 hours tailoring for one of the two dresses. The result? A sleeveless tulle model made with 500,000 sequins and a corset party dress studded with another 650,000 sequins and 150 Swarovski crystals. “I met my father-in-law, Elie Saab, ten years ago and told him that day that I would like him to make my wedding dress,” the bride told Brides. “Ten years later, my dream came true.” Too much, right? I would not even think of a model, would make sure my father-in-law would do the best of all!

After the religious ceremony, the couple invited everyone to join them in a beautiful and intimate secret garden, also designed by Ziad. The space was full of trees, vegetation and 365 candles (one for each day of the year). Christina and Elie, wearing a black Ermenegildo Zegna tuxedo , cut a huge five-story wedding cake. It has been decorated with 52 candles to represent each week of the year.

Then it was party time! A 32-meter tunnel led guests to the party setting. Ziad turned the dining room into a dance floor, covering each table with mirrors (to reflect the sky) and hanging several moons on a trellis of greenery.

At this time, the bride made a transformation by changing her second wedding dress. Saab designed this dress to be even more glamorous than the first and added touches of gold to the corset silhouette.

Let’s go to the interview with Ziad? Below is all the details of the Yes!

1. What was the main inspiration behind marriage?

When it comes to the Saab family, you never have to look far for inspiration. Simply being in your presence, in your home, in your boutique and even in your dreams opens up a world of possibilities. Over the years I have known them, what has struck me most is their hospitality, and the way they open their hearts and homes to anyone who comes their way. What better place to start than here, so we’ve decided that the concept of “home” drives wedding design, creating an open environment where guests feel as welcome and dear as they do at the Saab residence.

The wedding reception took place at the exclusive Faqra Club, where a blank canvas presented itself to our imagination, as the venue had not been used for the past 10 years. The result was a modern but surreal garden, with over 40 giant moons dominating the guests. Over 1000 guests from around the world attended the wedding reception and performances starring Nancy Ajram, Michel Fadel, Assi El Hallani and Elissa ensured that they never left the dance floor.

2. How did you incorporate the spirit of the couple? And where are they represented?

It is always a challenge to create a wedding experience that channels the personalities of the bride and groom. We always look for the things that unite them and what defines the “spirit of the couple”. In the case of Elie Jr. and Christina, there was an undeniable sense of harmony in their spirits from the first meeting, which we knew would make our work much easier. At the risk of sounding cliché, they are a combination made in the sky and complement each other in the easiest and most moving way. The wedding was really an illustration of who they are – warm and generous, simple yet sophisticated, a burst of energy and a breath of fresh air! I am extremely happy with the result and all the positive comments I received.

3. What makes this marriage different from everyone else and is there anything in particular that we have never seen before or never done?

It is impossible to compare one marriage to another, as each is unique and tailored to the identity of the couple and their guests. I would say, however, that the marriage of Elie Jr. and Christina is definitely a new style of marriage, which is not surprising, as they are continual opinion makers in the fashion world. For example, we do not use flowers in the wedding, but rather a contemporary monochrome setting that redefines preconceived notions of decoration. The wedding world loved some of the magic of the Saab!

In addition, the presence of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri of influential Nadine Labaki alongside international celebrities such as supermodel Sara Sampaio, Toni Garrn, Alina Baikova, Karolina Kurkova, Lily Donaldson, Bianca Brandolini and the “Queen of Burlesque” ”Dita von Teese has taken marriage to an international level. It is definitely something we don’t see much in Lebanon.

4. Knowing the family’s strong attachment to Lebanese roots and culture, is there anything that incorporates this attachment in marriage?

This is definitely unnecessary and is one of the reasons why they chose marriage in Lebanon, in the heart of the mountainous landscape near the family home. At the same time, we value culture and tradition highly and try to incorporate it as much as possible into our projects because we believe it adds significant layers of impact and authenticity. The design of the venue was a continuous extension of the natural context with a contemporary feel, resulting in a harmonious blend of traditional and modern. The mood embodied the Lebanese joie de vivre , with highlights like traditional zaffe and vibrant oriental music that were enjoyed by all Lebanese and international guests alike!

5. How did you manage your own view of things, the bride’s family, and the Saab family? Did you find it difficult to do this?

I think the fact that the Saab family and I were already close friends made us be on the same page from the beginning. They were familiar with the way my team and I worked, our design approach, our pursuit of excellence, and our immaculate sense of detail. They trusted the vision we had because they knew that I was well acquainted with the way they liked to host and the experiences they would like to create. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to work with friends because it makes the planning and design process more personal and satisfying, especially when I see the bright looks on their faces on the special day.

6. What is the common point between your vision and Elie Saab’s?

We were both focused primarily on the mood and positive vibe of the event, as well as on the experience we wanted to create for the guests on an emotional level. We were also very much in agreement when it came to the desire for sophisticated simplicity. Less is more!

7. What is the nature of your relationship with the Saab family?

As mentioned, I have known the Saab family for many years. Elie, Claudine, and Elie Jr. are my dear friends, and of course she is also beautiful Christina now.

8. What is it like working in the “Elie Saab” mood?

I think the best way to describe Elie Saab’s state of mind is the opportunity to dream. Their catwalks make us dream, so I thought the wedding we planned for them should do nothing less.

Cute, right? I loved our chat and thought it would be a great way for you to understand the wedding as a whole! I hope you enjoyed,

To the next,

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