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Destination wedding in Punta Del Este: 3 full hotel options

In today’s post, we landed in one of the hippest and most desired resort for many Latinos, including Brazilians in the summer. Can you tell where I’m talking about? Himself, Punta Del Este , located just over 120 kilometers from the Uruguayan capital , Montevideo (which can be done by car, bus and some chartered transfers. But remember that Punta also has an airport for private jets).

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Before talking about my choices for the event, I wanted to talk about the advantages of getting married in Punta Del Este. In addition to the short distance (4/5 hours you arrive from SP), I would list the following points: cheaper packages , ease of language , infrastructure for first-rate events (summers of Punta are watered to great parties, with equipment of light, sound… That is, material and professionals abound in the region), as well as a climatic advantage: as the air currents are coastal, both in summer and winter, the climate is a delight. In the cold, the average temperature is 13 degrees, while in summer, temperatures rise to 35 (not for nothing, the city of 10,000 inhabitants receives about 250,000 tourists in the summer).

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The tours are also quite different, although the classic sunset walk is part of the program any time of year, Punta has five-star bars and restaurants , as well as nightclubs and a casino for a more restful night. and lively among the guests. Now let’s talk about the 3 hotels I chose to integrate my destination wedding options in Punta.


Located in front of Playa Mansa in Jose Ignacio, 45 km from Punta del Este, Playa Vik brings together modern art and design in the décor of its rooms (19 in all, spread over 6 villas ). The view of the facade shows the green roof of one of the six houses that make up the complex. One of the good options in the region for newlyweds interested in contemporary art.

From top to bottom, the stunning architecture of Playa Vik; the conversation pit is super nice for welcome drinks, and one of the hotel rooms

The garden, facing the beach, is an invitation to a sunset ceremony. The indoor halls, all featuring paintings by renowned local artists and contemporary decor, live up to the architecture and become big party stages. The hand-painted paintings on the walls themselves make the whole room decorated.

Above, one of the beautiful ceremonies that took place there; and one of the clicks of post wedding rehearsal

There is an official video for you to understand better:


11 contemporary bungalows scattered across the dunes of Praia Mansa attract attention at Bahia Vik , a venture by Norwegian millionaire Alexander Vik in partnership with Uruguayan architect Marcelo Daglio. In addition to the private villas, isolated from each other by dunes and native restinga vegetation, the main building houses ten other suites with views of the South Atlantic (each uniquely decorated with local pieces). In the restaurant, local ingredients and good, sophisticated Uruguayan cuisine stand out (I have said a few times here on the blog that having local cuisine is crucial for the destination wedding to be complete).

Above, the main house; in the middle, the view of the independent villages; and lastly one of the fourth foot in the sand

The hotel video:


Located 45 km from Punta del Este, Estancia Vik is built on an area of ​​1,600 hectares, the main property of which is a replica of a Spanish colonial mansion with white adobe walls and a red tin roof. Outdoor courtyards, terraces and gardens with a privileged view of the open fields of the region are the highlights of this property. I can already see several weddings in these courtyards. All very beautiful!

First, the view of the Estancia; then the rooftop where ceremonies are held; and thirdly, the social interior of the hostel

Still speaking from the outside, the 20-meter pool made of absolute black marble and fiber optic lights in the background mimic the southern hemisphere constellations at night. Inside, artwork and hand-painted ceiling and wall paintings stand out in the main hall. One of the hotel’s most iconic environments is the barbecue room, also known as the parrillero. The abstractly painted zinc room is a reference to the brass barracks housing gaucho tropeiros. It’s a great idea to create a new guest experience or even welcome lunch, drink or party.

Above, a rooftop party; and below, the hotel parrillada

I hope you have enjoyed the today’s post! Below is a video of the Vik Resort.





Imagem Selo Aonde Casar

We will be delighted to realize the wedding you have always dreamed of.